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Latest News

January 2018

Glen Callow

12 May 2015

Creditors and bankruptcy

Understand how you can shelter your assets from your beneficiaries creditors.
Glen Callow

18 May 2015

Lasting powers of attorney

Your bank accounts could be frozen in the event of an accident or long term illness. Your family could be left in extreme hardship regardless of your age. Prime Wealth can now assist in putting this vital planning in place.
Glen Callow

20 May 2015

Protecting your assets

Understand how your hard earned assets could be at risk to various risks such as the divorce and bankruptcy of your beneficiaries. 
Glen Callow

14 May 2015

Long term care

Understand how yours or your parents’ assets could be lost on the event of long term care being required. 
Glen Callow

13 May 2015

Divorce of beneficiaries

Do you understand the implications of leaving your wealth to your children absolutely? This video outlines the risk and encourages you to speak with one of our advisers today.

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