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January 2018

Glen Callow

16 May 2015

Generational Inheritance Tax

What is worse than paying Inheritance Tax? Paying inheritance tax twice or more on the same asset. Learn more by watching this informative video.

Life after death

Are you sure that when you die that your assets will end up with your children? This informative video outlines some scenarios which can be easily avoided with the correct planning. 

Why not to retire in April

The Telegraph warned readers that despite the attractions of the new pension freedom rules that come into force in April, there are good reasons not to rush to take advantage of them.
Glen Callow

24 Jul 2013

It's grim cycling up north

Alarms went off at 5am so we could start getting the fuel on board for the day ahead - I went for porridge with water and honey and a bulletproof coffee (google it and make your own mind up).

EU Gender Directive - act now to avoid hike in premiums

On 21 December 2012, changes to the EU Gender Directive will mean men and women must pay the same for insurance cover.  Whilst there has been some recent press coverage in respect of this and care insurance premiums, what you may have missed is the impact this will have on life cover, critical illness cover and income protection premiums.

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